Holy Apostles (Tzitzifies – Kallitheas) Parish & Home for the Elders
Restis family along with the personnel of Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. volunteered to provide the meals for August Fifteen (Dekapentavgousto), Christmas and Easter for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 for the elderly (males and females) that take care of the parish in addition to another 90 people that are fed from the said parish, including people that have no shelter and people without jobs.
Pedopolis of “St. Andeas”, Alimo
Pedopolis is a branch of the Center “Mother” for Infants and young children in Alimo, Greece. It is a place developed for habitual purposes where around to24 young children reside there following an intervention from the prosecutor normally when there family abuse.
The Restis family in cooperation with the staff of Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. in September 2012 offered to the children of Pedopolis their school materials and basic necessities of the Center. In addition, provided to the Center a television and a DVD player for the children’s event space.
The Restis family and their company Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. endeavored to attend the best possible way at the birthday of 3 of the children of the center in collaboration of the music channel MTV, including a mascot of the channel and took care the fun activities for the children. All of the children received presents from Restis family and from the channel. Company staff and some of members of the Restis family attended this event to enjoy together with the children this celebration.
At Easter of 2013 the Restis family and the company Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. arranged to provide the Center with the Easter gifts for the children and also provided the Center with sanitary wear as well as with two sofas for the living room so the children’s comfort. During 2013 Christmas the Restis family and in association with the music channel MTV and the mascot of NICKELODEON organized a Christmas party on the premises of the Center and arranged children’s entertainment. All of the children got gifts from Restis family and MTV. Also, some of the company staff and members of the Restis family were present to enjoy together with the children this celebration.
In cooperation with the educational organization “EUROGNOSI” the Restis family and the administration of the organization with the assistance of both of their staff managed to gather an enormous quantity of food, clothing, shoes, toys, books that were distributed to the Orphanage Piraeus “Children's House”, to Pedopolis of “St. Andeas” and to the Labour Center of Piraeus for deprived families of the Shipbuilding Zone of Perama. Noting that the distribution costs were taken care of by the Restis family
Infant Center “Mother”
In January 2012 the staff of the company Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. and the Restis Family gathered a van which was delivered to the Center “Mother” containing basic essentials such as diapers, milk, shampoos, medicines etc. for the infants.
Supermarket Gift Cheques
The Restis family is helping several families each month with Supermarket Gift Cheques for their shopping. Specifically, most of those families reside in Nikaia, Piraeus so that they can also honor the departed Stamatios Resti since he was born in those neighborhoods.
Even until recently the Restis family was taking care of the daily food (two meals per day) to more than 250 people in need in cooperation with the Municipalities of Pireaus and Perama.
Special Professional Education and Training Center of Piraeus
The Restis family has provided for the food of the children of Special Professional Education and Training Center of Piraeus for the school years 2012 and 2013 following the public request made on line by the Principal of the School for such a donation. The Restis family took immediate action to cover the needs of the school by providing the breakfast meals of the day for the pupils of the school.
Association of the Prevention, Information and Support to children with Cerebral Palsy, mentally disabled and with Down Syndrome Nonprofit Organization “Care”
The Restis Family contributes annually economic support to the lottery of the above Nonprofit Organization.
Company “Care”
The Restis family contributes to the company “Care” that provides support to Children and families in relation to various health conditions and death. An important note is that one of the members of the Restis family has been awarded for their support by the said company in November 2013 at a ceremony held at the Benaki Museum in Athens.
Further, during 2013 Christmas, the Restis family provided supermarket cheques to the families in need which are supported by “Care” covering their need for food.
Contribution to Charities
The Restis family and their companies and their staff from time to time contributes monetary support to various charities such as “Joy”, “Amimoni”, “Argo”, “Ark of the World” etc. and families that face economic difficulties due to the economic crisis that Greece is facing.
The Restis Family has covered the basic necessities for the children of the organisation “Smile of the Child», in the year 2011. Mr. Victor Restis has also contributed to the charity work of the Royal Highness Princess Katherine of Serbia.
Foundation of “St. Tabitha”
The Restis family also helps the Foundation “St. Tabitha” in the area of Livadia, Greece. The said Foundation is under the guidance and management of the local Metropolis. At the establishment of the Foundation, orphan girls of 3-4 years old live there until they reach adulthood.
Support of the Shipbuilding Zone of Perama
The Restis family supports economically for the preparation of free meals at the Shipbuilding Zone of Perama for all residents of the area and their families in Easter and covers the meal for over 1500 people. This operation is in collaboration of the Perama associations, the Labour Center of Perama as well as other shipping companies.
Cultural Foundation “Mansion House Syrmou (Zigras) in Ellinopyrgos, Karditsa”
Mr. Victor Restis is the great benefactor of the cultural Foundation, the Mansion House Syrmou (Zigras) in Ellinopyrgos village of the prefecture of Karditsa,since he contributed to the rescue and the restoration of this cultural monument. Mr. Restis was the sponsor for the development of the village sport facilities, the construction of a basketball field in the village that was named in the honor of the late father of Mr. Restis “Macias Restis”.
“Grocery for the poor”
The Restis family contributes to the function of the Grocery for the poor that acts under the auspices of the Greek-French Association. For this contribution as well as other activities in the area of the Greek – French education, the family has been awarded with the title of “Knight of the Arts & Letters” from the Ministry of Education of the French Republic.
“Protection Company for juvenile boys of Athens”
The Restis Family has provided 3,400 liters of heating oil to the Protection Company for juvenile boys of Athens (E.P.A.A.), in respect of the heating needs of the minors hosted at the «Roof for juvenile boys».
Publication of the book: “World War II. The Fighters of the Navy Remembers…”
Mr. Victor Restis funded the publication of Admiral’s Anastasios Dimitrakopoulou book with the title «World War II. The Fighters of the Navy Remember…», a publication of the Naval Museum in Greece (2011). In addition to the financial contributing of the publication, he took over the entire cost for the presentation of the book.
Donation to the “Friends of Music Club”
Mr. Victor Restis was proclaimed with the title of the «Great Benefactor» during the year 2008 by the Friends of Music Club, for his donation in the amount of €500,000 in order to create a three-year educational program for music students in five cities of the Greek region.
Fire and Flood victims of Municipality Andanias, Greece
During the year 2008, Mr. Victor Restis supported the Municipality of Andania which had suffered fires and floods, and specifically village Diavolitsi in prefecture of Messinia, which was significantly damaged from fires and floods. In addition to helping families in the village, he also built a heliport for the village with his own money.
Aiding Kefallonia during the earthquakes
Mr Victor Restis was immediately sensitized by the catastrophic earthquakes in Kefallonia and offered one of his cruise ship «Aegean Paradise» to help the affected people of the area by the earthquake, facilitating their stay, and providing free meals during the whole time they spent there. The Mayor of Kefallonia expressed his gratitude with a letter.
Book publication “The Acropolis of Athens” with the Fascimile technique
Mr Victor Restis funded the publication of the book titled «the Acropolis of Athens» (Publication «Alitheia»), which was sent to 4.000 primary schools in the Greek region. This book describes the philosophy and the agonizing efforts of the Greek people for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures from the British Museum. This certain publication has a special value because it was the first time that the Fascimile technique was used to reproduce files and documents covering the years from 1834 to 1842. These enclosed documents have been translated in three languages (Greek, English, German).
Blood donations
Since 2004, Mr. Restis company Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. and its staff contributes twice a year in a voluntary blood donation in cooperation with the «Salvation» hospital where a blood bank is maintained for the needs of our fellow men and women.
Financial support
Mr. Victor Restis, has financially supported the municipality of Varis-Voulas-Vouliagmenis (in Attic) in Christmas 2004. During the years 2014 and 2015, Mr. Victor Restis aided financially the Holy Metropolis of Ioanninon.
In March 2014, contributed to the initiative of “Trafigura Maritime Venutures” and donated an amount to the SOS Villages of Greece for the continuation of the work.
Funding of Sailing Race of Akritikon Islands, Kastellorizo
The Restis Group funded the first sailing race of Akritikon Islands in Kastellorizo in September 2015, by offering the company cruise ship for the transfer and the hospitality of 900 persons (athletes, coaches, as well as doctors and nurses).